​ResinLab is one of America’s premier custom formulators – specializing in epoxy encapsulants for nearly any electrical or electronic encapsulation application.  Our epoxy encapsulants include thermally conductive and  UL recognized varieties.  We also feature a full line of stock urethane encapsulants

An encapsulant, also known as a potting compound, is designed to electrically insulate and environmentally protect products such as printed circuit boards from moisture, chemicals, mechanical/thermal shock and vibration.  Our encapsulants are superior at insulating high-voltage electrical components.

Our array of encapsulating compounds also provides proprietary design security, tamper-proofing and thermal management for a broad range of electrical and electronic products.

We formulate all of our products with the application process in mind – resulting in efficient, worker-safe and cost-effective manufacturing.  We stock over 200 encapsulant compounds and can quickly modify or create a custom formulation to meet your exact requirements.

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    UL Recognized

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    Thermally Conductive