Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy® cyanoacrylates from ResinLab are available in basic methyl and ethyl grades in a variety of viscosities, ranging from water thin wicking grades to non-sag gels.

Cynergy® also offers a full range of specialty cyanoacrylates including:

Accessory products like accelerators, primers, and debonders are also available.

Cynergy Zero Series

Cynergy Zero Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Resinlab’s newest line of methoxyethyl cyanoacrylates (MECA) are no odor, low bloom, and non-irritating with fast fixture times and high strength bonds. This includes varieties with dual cure mechanisms of both light and moisture. Cynergy Zero maintains high performance with a longer shelf life due to a proprietary stabilizer.
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ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)
CA5011Clear40 - 801.10400 - 2,0005 - 30s/24h
CA5013Clear120 - 1701.10580 - 2,0005 - 30s/24h
CA5015Clear735 - 7751.10435 - 2,0305 - 30s/24h
CA5211Clear10 - 301.13435 - 1,88515 - 180s/24h
CA5213Clear180 - 2201.19500 - 1,80015 - 120s/24h
CA5215Clear600 - 1,5001.15435 - 2,70020 - 200s/24h

Cynergy 6000 Series

Cynergy CA6000 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6000 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are used in demanding applications where very fast cure speeds are required. Typical substrates include wood, plastics, metal, rubber, or other materials. These products are less dependent on surface moisture for achieving cure speed than most standard grades of cyanoacrylates.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6001Clear51.054,300-53.9 to 93.35s/8h2
CA6002Clear51.054,300-53.9 to 93.310s/8h2
CA6003Clear301.054,300-53.9 to 93.310s/8h3
CA6004Clear451.054,300-53.9 to 93.38s/8h4
CA6005Clear1001.054,300-53.9 to 93.310s/8h6
CA6006Clear2001.054,300-53.9 to 93.310s/8h6
CA6007Clear5001.054,300-53.9 to 93.310s/8h7
CA6008Clear7501.054,300-53.9 to 93.312s/8h7
CA6009Clear1,0001.094,300-53.9 to 93.315s/8h8
CA6010Clear1,5001.094,300-53.9 to 93.315s/8h8
CA6011Clear2,0001.094,300-53.9 to 93.315s/8h8
CA6012Clear2,4001.094,300-53.9 to 93.315s/8h8
CA6013Clear3,2001.094,300-53.9 to 93.315s/8h8
CA6014Clear4,0001.094,300-53.9 to 93.315s/8h8
CA6015ClearGel1.094,300-53.9 to 93.325s/8h10

Cynergy 6100 Series

Cynergy CA6100 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6100 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are used to bond metal to itself or other substrates and are offered in a wide variety of viscosities.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Shear Strength (psi)Specific GravityTemperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6101Clear54,0001.07-53.9 to 93.35s/8h2
CA6102Clear604,0001.07-53.9 to 93.38s/8h4
CA6103Clear1004,0001.09-53.9 to 93.310s/8h8
CA6104Clear1,0004,0001.09-53.9 to 93.310s/8h8
CA6105UV Tracer2,0004,0001.09-53.9 to 93.310s/8h8

Cynergy 6200 Series

Cynergy CA6200 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6200 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are ideal for difficult-to-bond and acidic surfaces such as EPDM, plasticized materials such as PVC, and wood.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6201Clear51.054,200-53.9 to 93.35s/8h2
CA6202Clear301.054,200-53.9 to 93.35s/8h4
CA6203Clear1201.054,200-53.9 to 93.38s/8h6
CA6204Clear5001.054,200-53.9 to 93.38s/8h7
CA6205Clear1,0001.054,200-53.9 to 93.38s/8h8
CA6206Clear1,5001.054,200-53.9 to 93.38s/8h8
CA6207Clear2,0001.074,200-53.9 to 93.38s/8h9
CA6208Clear3,2001.094,200-53.9 to 93.310s/8h9
CA6209Clear4,0001.094,200-53.9 to 93.310s/8h9
CA6210ClearGel1.054,200-53.9 to 93.310s/8h10
CA6211Clear2001.054,200-53.9 to 93.310s/8h6

Cynergy 6300 Series

Cynergy CA6300 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6300 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives  work well in applications where a faster set time is desired or low moisture conditions exist. They provide good bonds to a wide variety of materials.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6301Clear51.054,200-53.9 to 93.32.5s/4h2
CA6302Clear301.054,200-53.9 to 93.35s/4h3
CA6303Clear1201.054,200-53.9 to 93.35s/4h6
CA6304Clear5001.054,200-53.9 to 93.35s/4h7
CA6305Clear1,0001.094,200-53.9 to 93.37.5s/4h8
CA6306Clear1,5001.094,200-53.9 to 93.37.5s/4h8
CA6307Clear2,0001.094,200-53.9 to 93.37.5s/4h8
CA6308Clear3,2001.094,200-53.9 to 93.37.5s/4h8
CA6309Clear4,0001.094,200-53.9 to 93.37.5s/4h8
CA6310ClearGel1.054,200-53.9 to 93.312.5s/4h10

Cynergy 6400 Series

Cynergy CA6400 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6400 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are clear, highly toughened, high peel strength products ideal for bonding dissimilar materials with excellent performance on a wide range of surfaces. They feature superior hot strength, impact, and thermal resistance.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6401Clear3001.103,750-53.9 to 121.110s/8h6
CA6402Clear8001.103,750-53.9 to 121.115s/8h8
CA6403Clear2,4001.103,750-53.9 to 121.115s/8h10
CA6404Clear4,0001.103,750-53.9 to 121.118s/8h10
CA6405Clear5,0001.103,750-53.9 to 121.118s/8h12

Cynergy 6500 Series

Cynergy CA6500 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6500 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives impart superior vibration, impact, and thermal cycling resistance, making them ideal for high stress applications.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6501Black3001.103,750-53.9 to 121.110s/8h8
CA6502Black1,0001.103,750-53.9 to 121.112s/8h9
CA6503Black4,0001.103,750-53.9 to 121.118s/8h10

Cynergy 6700 Series

Cynergy CA6700 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6700 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are modified to provide greatly reduced odor and a further reduction of bloom or frosting of plastics. They also reduce the need for extensive ventilation equipment.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6701Clear51.053,000-53.9 to 93.37s/8h2
CA6702Clear1001.053,000-53.9 to 93.315s/8h5
CA6703Clear5001.052,900-53.9 to 93.320s/8h6
CA6704Clear1,0001.082,900-53.9 to 93.320s/8h8

Cynergy 6900 Series

Cynergy CA6900 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Cynergy CA6900 Cyanoacrylate Adhesives are designed to be used in applications needing to withstand temperature cycling and extended operation at higher temperatures. They are  manufactured in a wide variety of viscosities and setting times to satisfy specific bonding applications.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Cure Speed (fixture/full cure)Gap Fill (mil)
CA6901Clear51.064,200-53.9 to 1357s/8h2
CA6902Clear301.064,200-53.9 to 13512s/8h3
CA6903Clear1001.064,200-53.9 to 13514s/8h6
CA6904Clear5001.064,200-53.9 to 13514s/8h7
CA6905Clear1,0001.094,200-53.9 to 13518s/8h8
CA6906Clear1,5001.094,200-53.9 to 13518s/8h8
CA6907Clear2,4001.094,200-53.9 to 13518s/8h8
CA6908Clear4,0001.094,200-53.9 to 13520s/8h8


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