Urethane Encapsulants

Urethane Encapsulants Series
ResinLab offers a series of urethane encapsulants, a softer alternative to epoxies. They can cure in a wide variety of gel times with much lower exotherm and stress.

Our urethanes also offer better performance in low temperature (-40 °C) applications as they maintain a high degree of flexibility. Additionally, our urethanes perform better than epoxies when subjected to thermal cycling and offer much better adhesion to plastics.

ProductColorHardnessPot LifeShear Strength (psi)Specific GravityTemperature Range (°C)Viscosity (cps)
UR6060 ClearClear80 A15min4001.10-40 - 1201,050
UR6000 Black*Black70 D4min475 - 1,2001.48-40 - 1205,000
UR6001 Black*Black60 A25min-1.34-40 - 1206,800
UR1049 CreamCream-20s-1.16-40 - 121600
UR3001HP2 BlackBlack60 OO3min-0.94-40 - 1501,400
UR3001HP2 ClearClear60 OO3min-0.94-2,100
UR3005 BlackBlack40 A5min-0.95-40 - 1256,500
UR3005 ClearClear45 A5min-0.93-40 - 1256,500
UR3010 BlackBlack45 A5 - 10min-1.02-40 - 125550
UR3010 ClearClear45 A5 - 10min-1.01-40 - 125500

*UL recognized material


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