Urethane Encapsulants

Urethane Encapsulants Series
ResinLab offers a series of urethane encapsulants, a softer alternative to epoxies. They can cure in a wide variety of gel times with much lower exotherm and stress.

Our urethanes also offer better performance in low temperature (-40 °C) applications as they maintain a high degree of flexibility. Additionally, our urethanes perform better than epoxies when subjected to thermal cycling and offer much better adhesion to plastics.

ResinLab takes several proactive steps to prevent moisture contamination of its urethane products. These protective steps are found in all stages of the formulation process including: raw material handling, formula creation, processing, and packaging of the finished product.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Pot LifeHardnessSpecific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)
UR1049 CreamCream600<2min-1.16--40 - 121
UR3001HP2 BlackBlack1,4003min60 OO0.94--40 - 150
UR3001HP2 ClearClear2,1003min60 OO0.94--
UR3005 BlackBlack6,5005min40 A0.95--40 - 125
UR3005 ClearClear6,5005min45 A0.93--40 - 125
UR3010 BlackBlack5505 - 10min45 A1.02--40 - 125
UR3010 ClearClear5005 - 10min45 A1.01--40 - 125
UR6000 Black*Black5,0004min70 D1.48475 - 1,200-40 - 120
UR6001 Black*Black6,80025min60 A1.34--40 - 120
UR6060 ClearClear1,05015min80 A1.10400-40 - 120

*UL recognized material


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