UL Recognized Encapsulants


ResinLab offers several epoxy flame retardant encapsulants which are UL listed under the component recognition program QMFZ2 Plastics – Component. These products have been tested and comply with ANSI/UL 94: “Test for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances.” Several formulas carry the UL 94V0 certification to assure that in event of a fire, the epoxy will self-extinguish. We offer several systems varying in reactivity, hardness, and mix ratio.

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ProductColorViscosity (cps)Pot LifeHardness (Shore D)Specific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)
EP1195 BlackBlack2,80010min851.243,000-40 to 150
EP1200 BlackBlack36,00023min751.981,600-40 to 150
EP1282 BlackBlack3,0001h701.061,450-40 to 150
EP1282 ClearClear3,0001h701.061,450-40 to 150
EP1282RC BlackBlack1,50070min601.061,400-40 to 150
EP1282RC ClearClear1,7001h651.061,400-40 to 150
EP1295 BlackBlack11,00010min581.471,400-40 to 150
EP1340 BlackBlack13,00010 - 12min851.302,800-40 to 150
EP1341Black18,00016min811.392,460-55 to 150
EP1390LC BlackBlack14,00060min801.321,700-40 to 150
SI2001White2,200-75 A1.08--45 to 200
UR6000 BlackBlack7,0004min70 D1.48250 - 1,600-
UR6001 BlackBlack6,80025min60 A1.34--


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