Electrically Conductive Adhesives

SEC1200 Series
ResinLab offers a line of RoHS-compliant stock and custom silver-filled electrically conductive adhesives, which provide electrical pathways for applications that cannot withstand the heat of solder. Typical applications include disk drives, flip-chips, and die attach assemblies. Most systems are available as two-component mix-in formats or pre-mixed and frozen. Some systems are suitable for using the DS-4 dual syringe.

ProductColorHardness (Shore D)Pot LifeShear Strength (psi)Specific GravityTemperature Range (°C)Viscosity (cps)
SEC1222Silver7045min8503.91-40 - 150560,000
SEC1233Silver701h6003.92-40 - 150582,000
SEC1244Silver90>4h5004.21-40 - 180298,000


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