Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane Adhesive Series
ResinLab polyurethane-based adhesives cure quickly to form an elastic bond for applications that require flexibility between a variety of materials. They offer an excellent structural bond for a wide variety of substrates including polycarbonate, PVC, acrylic, ABS, wood, and certain metals.

ResinLab takes several proactive steps to prevent moisture contamination of its polyurethane products. These protective steps are found in all stages of the formulation process including: raw material handling, formula creation, processing, and packaging of the finished product.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Pot LifeHardnessSpecific GravityShear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)
UR7001Clear10,5006min72 D1.171,000 - 2,500-40 to 125
UR7006HVClear44,0003min92 A1.061,200-
UR7024Clear5,7001-2min90 A1.06900 - 1,100-60 to 120


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