Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylate Adhesives Series
ResinLab methacrylate adhesives, also known as structural acrylics or MMA’s, are toughened structural adhesives for difficult-to-bond engineering plastics, composites, unprepared metals, ceramics, and dissimilar substrates. They offer primer-less adhesion for sheet molded compounds (SMC) and fiber reinforced plastics (FRP).

Requiring little or no surface preparation, they can cure very quickly at room temperature with no cumbersome heating fixtures required. Our methacrylate adhesives provide extremely strong, flexible, permanent bonds and excellent chemical/environmental resistance. They are typically two-component 1:1 mix ratio, with some available with a wipe-on activator with a base adhesive resin.

Although acrylics contain volatile monomers, they react so quickly to polymerize as the adhesive cures, they are considered virtually VOC-free.

ProductColorViscosity (cps)Pot LifeHardness (Shore D)Shear Strength (psi)Temperature Range (°C)Flash Point (°C)
AR4305HP CreamCream280,0005 - 6min654,000-40 - 121.110.5
AR4315HP CreamCream280,00010 - 12min704,500-40 - 121.110


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