Thermally Conductive Adhesives

Thermally Conductive Adhesives Series
ResinLab offers a full line of stock and custom thermally conductive adhesives. Most systems are aluminum oxide-filled for applications where electrical isolation is required. Other one and two-component systems use aluminum powder fillers for structural applications where dielectric properties are not critical.

For even higher performance, we also offer highly customized boron nitride one-component premixed and frozen systems for demanding applications.

ProductColorHardness (Shore D)Pot LifeShear Strength (psi)Specific GravityTemperature Range (°C)Viscosity (cps)
EP1121-4Black801 - 2h2,0002.13-40 - 150700,000
EP1306Gray8030min3,3001.59-40 - 150202,000
EP1330Black906months (@ 5 °C)1,5001.93-40 - 150475,000
EP1330LVBlack906months (@ 5 °C)1,5001.93-40 - 150296,500
EP950GGray75 - 853months (@ 25 °C)3,7001.36 - 1.40-40 - 175530,000


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