ResinLab UR3010 Clear Urethane Encapsulant

ResinLab UR3010 Clear is a two component, room temperature curing, unfilled, polyurethane potting system that is used for bonding plastics, metals, and assemblies. It is very flexible, has low viscosity, good penetration, and moisture resistance.


SDS UR3010 Part A
SDS UR3010 Part B
TDS UR3010 A/B

Available Sizes

Size Part #
5 gal UR3010 CLEAR - A PL Request a Quote Buy Now
5 gal UR3010 CLEAR - B PL Request a Quote Buy Now
50 mL UR3010 CLEAR 50ML Request a Quote Buy Now
200 mL UR3010 CLEAR 200ML Request a Quote
400 mL UR3010 CLEAR 400ML Request a Quote

Additional sizes and custom packaging solutions available. Learn more