ResinLab UR6000 Black Urethane Encapsulant

ResinLab UR6000 Black is a two component, room temperature curing urethane encapsulant that is used for potting and encapsulation of electronic devices. It is low viscosity with a 4:1 by volume ratio for ease of use with automatic mixing equipment.

UR6000 Black is recognized under the Component Recognition Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., (File# E186034) for UL Standard 94. It qualifies for a vertical burn rating of V-0 at 3mm thickness.


SDS UR6000 Part A
SDS UR6000 Part B
TDS UR6000 A/B
Product Spotlight UR6000
Brochure Electronic Applications

Available Sizes

Size Part #
1 gal UR6000 BLACK A GL Request a Quote
5 gal UR6000 BLACK A PL Request a Quote
1 gal UR6000 BLACK B GL Request a Quote
5 gal UR6000 BLACK B PL Request a Quote

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